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The Intensive Bush Dairy

The Intensive Bush Dairy (I.B.D) system incorporates a simple trailer as the milking parlour. It is fitted with milking machines and is run on irrigated pastures with pure bred cattle.

Intensive Bush Dairy at milking time

Intensive Bush Dairy is towed by a tractor

Feeding in the Intensive Bush Dairy

The Intensive Bush Dairy can be powered with electric power

Inside the Intensive Bush Dairy

The I.B.D can be either 4 point (up to 100 cows in milk) or 8 point (up to 200 cows in milk). Milk is pumped from milking clusters into stainless steel buckets, and then transferred to a cooling tank on site.

There are 3 power options for running the I.B.D milking machines: a small generator, the PTO of a tractor or an electric power unit can be fitted.

The IBD is designed to be run on irrigated pastures with pure-bred dairy cattle. Cattle should be moved to a different area of grazing each day, and the dairy taken to the cows twice a day (pulled by tractor) for milking. By moving the dairy and the cows and not making the cows walk to the same place every day, pastures are naturally improved, and cow hoof-health is preserved. Cows are fed concentrate according to production in the dairy whilst they are being milked.

The Intensive Bush Dairy
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