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Our Products

We are proud to sell only the highest-quality livestock products, some designed and made by us as well as imported from South Africa, Europe, New Zealand, China and the U.S.A.


The Mobile Animal Rearing System (M.A.R.S.) was designed by Red Dane Farming to house calves in a social, management- and environmentally-friendly way.

Tal Tec Logo

Tal-Tec is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of innovative livestock equipment. Designed and manufactured at their factory in Brits in the North West Province of South Africa, all products are built to withstand the rigorous conditions experienced by farmers in Africa.

Bush Dairy Logo

The Bush Dairy parlour is a simple trailer designed to make dairy farming more cost effective and environmentally friendly. Different sizes of dairy are available, to allow you to use the bush dairy for milking 25 to 200 cows. Capital cost for starting a bush dairy is much lower than for building a milking parlour, and the dairy can be set up in one day and moved easily to where your natural or irrigated pastures are!

Trioliet Logo

Trioliet is the biggest and most specialised vertical feed mixer company in the world. They have a team of 35 engineers and designers who are constantly working on and delivering new ideas and improvements to feed mixers. Trioliet produces about 1500 mixers a year, all made to the customer’s specifications.

Milk Bar Logo

Milk Bar is all about rearing healthy calves, lambs and kids.

Since 1989, Milk Bar has led the way in the innovation of rearing systems. Milk Bar is now a global phenomenon with solutions to fit all kinds of individual and group feeding.

Viking Genetics Logo

Viking Genetics is owned by 20,000 Swedish, Danish and Finnish dairy farmers. Since the 80s, these Nordic farmers have registered all the traits of their cattle, including health traits, and this is an important element of their success in breeding the highest quality dairy cattle. No other region of the world has this tradition, making the Viking Genetics health profile unique.

Red Dane is proud to bring our Danish roots to Zimbabwe through the sale of Viking Genetics semen to African dairy farmers.


EASYFIX is a family owned business in Ireland and was established in 1996. They have an extensive portfolio of livestock housing solutions for the dairy, beef, veal, pig and equine industry. They focus on producing high quality, durable products that will increase productivity and give a fast return on investment.

New Quip Logo

NewQuip is a South African company that procures and sells products primarily for pig, poultry and dairy farms. Products include feed and water systems, heating, cooling, ventilation, flooring, manure equipment and consumables. With the equipment also comes access to spare parts and technical assistance.

Estrotect Logo

Heat detection is a vital part of dairy and beef cattle farming, if you want to keep your herd growing at a profitable and manageable rate. Estrotect breeding indicator (heat detector) stickers are a simple way to monitor whether your cows are in standing heat or not. They will make the life of your heat spotter much easier as well as improving the accuracy of their spotting.

Kikaboni logo.jpg

Part of the Red Dane family of businesses, Kikaboni breeds high quality sheep and pigs especially for the Zimbabwean market and environment.

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