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The Tal-Tec Range

Red Dane Agri Solutions are the Tal-Tec agents in Zimbabwe. Please get in touch with us with any of your cattle-handling requests and we will do our best to provide you with the Tal-Tec equipment you require. Tal-Tec equipment is used on all Red Dane Farming farms with great success.

Spray Race

Highly coveted around Africa, the Tal-Tec spray race makes dipping quicker, easier and cheaper. 


  • Small volume of dip required to operate spray race, thus feasible to prepare fresh dip at every dipping;

  • Cattle can be dipped as often as required at minimum cost, using minimum labour, for maximum results;

  • Type of dip can be changed at will from one dipping to the next.

NB: Pump not included

Mobile Spray Race

As well as having all of the advantages of the standard spray race, the Tal-Tec Mobile Spray Race, when empty, can be towed behind a vehicle at slow speed, allowing movement to different areas of the farm at your convenience.

NB: This spray race is not road worthy and does not have a chevron

NB: Pump not included

Cattle Neck Clamp - Brahman and Hydraulic Lock

Suitable for all cattle breeds and sizes, both Tal-Tec neck clamps have the following features:

  • Maximum inside width between doors: bottom 500 mm, top 1000 mm;

  • Reversible: left or right hand operation;

  • Can be fixed on any crush with brackets;

  • Swingbar restricts vertical head movement.


The hydraulic neck clamp has the added features of being much quieter than a traditional neck clamp which keeps cattle calm, and being able to lock in any position, not dependent on the teeth of the lock as in the Brahman clamp.

Branding Oven and Irons

The Tal-Tec Branding Oven is simple, affordable and efficient. It folds neatly into a suitcase and can heat between 6 and 12 irons at a time. Irons are ready for branding within 3 minutes.

Tal-Tec Branding Irons are  hand-made from stainless steel to ensure clean, clear brands every time. They are available with short or long handle and custom brands can be made to order. 

NB: oven does not include gas bottle.

Cattle Circular Force Pen

The Tal-Tec Circular Force Pen makes organising your cattle as they go into the crush or sorting gate a breeze. 


  • Handles up to 30 cattle at a time;

  • Force gate has a brake on it that prevents cattle pushing it back.

Ring Hay Feeder

Tal-Tec's genius ring feeders allow you to feed hay to sheep or cattle in a smaller space than is usually required when feeding animals laterally.  Each feeder can comfortably fit 20 sheep or cattle and assists in minimising waste as well as keeping the hay clean and dry. 

The optional fibreglass bin is cone-shaped to prevent hay getting stuck in the middle of the feeder, ensuring all hay can be reached by the animals.


Sheep: 1.4 m

Cattle: 2.3 m

Cattle Water Troughs

Tal-Tec's Cattle Water Troughs come in three lengths:

  • 1.85 m

  • 2.45 m

  • 3.7 m

A black epoxy tar-coated inside provides resistance against alkalis, mineral oils and sea water.

An optional ball float-valve can also be purchased separately. 

Cattle Loading Ramp TLR 2 (Barrow)

This Tal-Tec loading ramp has adjustable height to suit you and your cattle.


  • Length: 3m;

  • Height adjustable from 0.8m to 1.5m;

  • Wheelbarrow wheels.

Cattle Kraal Sides

The Tal-Tec Kraal Sides are strong, durable and easily connected and disconnected. 


  • Available in 2 sizes: 3 x 1.6m or 2.35 x 1.5m;

  • Made from 2mm thick steel;

  • Every side comes with steel pin to connect to other sides;

  • See diagram for further dimensions.


The Tal-Tec immobiliser has 2 clips that are attached to the lip and underneath the tail of the animal. The main electrical unit supplies one millisecond electrical impulses which immobilise your cattle to help with branding or other sensitive essential activities.
Rechargeable battery.

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Cattle Crush

The Tal-Tec 3 metre cattle crush can be easily extended by attaching additional crush pieces. 


  • 3 m section

  • 700mm inside width

  • 115 kg

  • Can be easily bolted to neck clamps or gates.

Calf Squeeze

The Tal-Tec Calf Squeeze is the ideal product for de-horning and ear-tagging calves from 1 to 10 weeks old.

Cattle Vet Clamp with H/Lock

The Tal-Tec vet clamp with a hydraulic lock will make simple veterinary tasks easy, even for an unskilled person.


  • Ideal for embryo flushing, artificial insemination (AI) and semen collection;

  • Floor has 12% gradient, as required by veterinary surgeons for embryo transplantation and AI;

  • Configuration of the clamp makes pregnancy examination simple;

  • Quiet hydraulic lock reduces risk of cattle being frightened.

We have displayed some of the more popular Tal-Tec products here.  Other Tal-Tec products are listed below. If you wish to inquire further on these, please simply get in touch with us and we will work with you to ensure you get what you need for your animals!


  • De-horning Iron

  • Hot-Shot Prodder

  • Cadac Calf De-budder

  • Various other Cattle Body Clamps

  • Castrator

  • Calf-squeeze

  • Guillotine Gate

  • Calf Creep Panels

  • Mobile Body Clamps

  • Cattle Hip Lifting Clamp


  • Water Troughs

  • Sheep Tilt

  • Sheep Kraal Side with Small Gate

  • Various Sheep Gates Including Sorting Gate

  • Sheep Loading Ramps

  • Sheep Crates and Scales


  • Half-moon Horse Feeder

  • Pig Farrowing ateCr

  • Pig Scale Crate

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