At Red Dane we take great pride in the quality of both our dairy and beef cattle. The founder of Red Dane, Wolle Kirk, introduced the Viking Red cow to Zimbabwe in the 1970s, and this breed has handled Zimbabwean conditions exceptionally well. Over the years, our intensive dairy has introduced Holstein and Jersey cows to the herd, and has crossed Viking Reds with these breeds to to produce the 3-way cross pure dairy cow.


Crossing the Viking Red with the Zimbabwean beef breed Tuli produced the T-Rex, an animal ideal for dairy farming in harsher, drier conditions, and perfect for the Extensive Bush Dairy model. Our Zengea Tuli bulls consistently sell for top prices at the Zimbabwean National Bull Sale.


Bulls, cows, heifers and calves of all breeds are available for sale with varying availability and price.


Watch our videos below to learn more about our different breeds, and get in touch if you would like further information on purchasing options 

The T-ReX


The Viking Red & Holstein


The Jersey


The Three-Way Cross

Most of the Red Dane Farming TMR herd consists of a three-way cross between the Viking Red, Holstein and Ayrshire breeds. Crossing these breeds gives us a fairly uniform-sized cow with good components, with hybrid vigour resulting in a pure dairy cow that is somewhat tougher than cows consisting of a single breed.

The Zengea Tuli

More information on Zimbabwean Tuli cattle can be found on the Zimbabwean Tuli Cattle Society website.