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Work for Red Dane

Red Dane is proud to provide employment to hundreds of Zimbabweans in all areas of our business.


The below opportunities are currently open at Red Dane Farming. Please email with your CV and a cover letter no longer than 1 page, explaining your suitability for your chosen role as well as what value you can bring to the company through your passion, skills and experience.

University Student Attachments

If you are a university student studying agriculture, business or animal science, and are interested in doing an attachment at Red Dane, please send your CV and a cover letter to

NB Applications for attachment are open from April to August each year, with attachments starting in September.

In your cover letter please highlight what you expect to achieve from your experience at Red Dane and what value you think you can bring to us.

Please also specify if there is a particular farm section you want to be attached to. Different sections are:

  • Dairy

  • Ranch

  • Pigs & Sheep

  • General Livestock

  • Cropping

  • Administration

  • Workshop.

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