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Breeding for What Truly Matters

Viking Genetics uses the latest techniques in their effective breeding program and genomically tests over 6000 Viking Holstein, Viking Red and Viking Jersey bulls each year to select around 290 bulls for the program. 

The current top health traits that Viking focuses on are:

- Hoof health; 

- Resistance to mastitis; 

- General health.

In the future, Viking will focus on genetics that will achieve the following:

- Less or NO antibiotics in dairy herds; 

- Feed efficiency; 

- Lower methane production.

Viking Holstein

Viking Holstein

Viking Holstein sires will help you drive genetic progress for all the traits important for the profitability of your dairy business. They will improve your herd’s health and reproductive traits without compromising on production.

Viking Holstein sires will simultaneously improve your Holsteins’ disease resistance, reproductive capability and milk productivity. They will give you cows with exceptional health traits, easy calving, great fertility and high production and solid percentages. Viking Holsteins are medium sized cows, and Viking offers a wide selection of bulls with outcross pedigrees.

The International Bull Evaluation Service shows that Viking Genetics bulls are the top performing Holstein bulls in Udder health, fertility and yield for daughter-proven bulls born in 2010 or later.

Viking Red.png

Viking Red

Viking Red are the most profitable red cows in the world. They are a naturally healthy breed and will allow you to achieve a high genetic level for health and reproduction traits, without compromising on production. Choose Viking Red to optimise your herd for commercial dairy production.

The International Bull Evaluation Service shows that Viking Genetics Red bulls are the top performers for udder health, yield, longevity and calving, both direct and maternal for daughter-proven bulls born in 2011 or later.

Viking Jersey.png

Viking Jersey

The golden choice. The breeding goal for Viking Jersey is a healthy cow with good fertility, functional conformation and high production.

Genomic selection is an important tool in finding the genetically best Jersey bull calves for the breeding program. Viking Genetics takes out genomical tests of 500 Jersey bull calves per year, and the best 40 are used in AI. They also produce embryos from the top genomically tested Jersey heifers.

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