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Located on the the Red Dane farm in Harare South, Kikaboni breeds and sells high quality sheep and pigs, both as live breeding stock or for meat.

PIglet face
Pig face
2 piglet faces
Weaner body

Kikaboni Pigs

Kikaboni cross-breeds large white sows with Duroc boars to create pigs that are suitable for an outdoor environment. The skin colour of these pigs will be darker and thus better able to withstand the African sun.

To enquire about sales of Kikaboni pigs, please contact

Lamb suckling
Sheep herd 4
Lamb and ewe 2
Sheep face

Kikaboni Sheep

The Kikaboni sheep flock contains pure dorpers from 2 of the best flocks in Zimbabwe as breeding stock. 

The flock also contains a cross between dorpers and indigenous Mashona sheep to produce the 'Meat Masters' breed for meat production.

To enquire about sales of Kikaboni sheep and lamb, please contact

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