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Top Tips for Feeding your Horses

  1. Ensure that your horse has access to fresh hay and clean water at all times.

  2. Feed your horse little and often – two to four times a day is ideal.

  3. Feed your horse at the same time every day.

  4. Always check horse feed for mould or a foul smell before feeding. If any of these are present, do not feed that food to your horse!

  5. Keep your horse’s feed area clean, dry and mould-free.

  6. Make sure your horse feed has a good balance of fibre, vitamins and nutrients to get the most out of the food!

  7. Consult a vet or animal nutritionist before supplementing horse meal and unbalancing a balanced meal.

  8. You may offer your horse a salt lick in their feed bin for when they feel they need it.

  9. Do not feed your horse immediately before or after exercise. Wait at least 40 minutes after feeding and until all the horse’s veils are down before exercising. After strenuous exercise wait at least 40 minutes before feeding – the animal must be cool.

  10. Do not feed your horse immediately before or after travelling. Wait at least 40 minutes either side of feeding before or after travelling.

  11. If you need to change your horse meal, do it gradually, never suddenly, as this will upset your horse’s stomach and could make it ill.

  12. Do not increase or decrease food quantities immediately – do it slowly.

  13. Ensure that your horse has a comfortable living environment, as this will ensure your horse rests properly and thus food will be converted efficiently and effectively.

  14. Healthy horse are happy horses! Consult your vet to test your horse meal so that you know where you stand! In Zimbabwe, IceFeed horse meal has been tested by Dr Karl van Laeren – contact him at or +26377390862 to find out what his results were on this meal or to get the meal you are using tested!

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