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Breeding Solutions

Estrotect Breeding Indicators

Heat detection is a vital part of dairy and beef cattle farming, if you want to keep your herd growing at a profitable and manageable rate. Estrotect breeding indicator (heat detector) stickers are a simple way to monitor whether your cows are in standing heat or not, and will improve the accuracy of heat spotting as well as making the life of your heat spotter much easier.

To compliment our range of Viking Genetics Semen, RDF also sells a variety of equipment for artificial insemination and best-practice breeding techniques.

As well as Estrotect Breeding Indicators, we also stock:

  • Heavy Duty AI  Guns

  • Universal Sheaths with Green Adaptor

  • Cito Straw Cutters

  • Cito Straw Tweezers

  • Thaw Monitors

  • AI full-arm gloves.

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