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The Newquip Range

Newquip provides a variety of equipment for livestock farmers, particularly poultry and pork farms. Red Dane are the Newquip agents in Zimbabwe, stocking a selection of the highest quality products that Newquip supplies..

Vosterman Dairy Fan
Gas operated tail-docker
MSschippers demineralised water
MS Schippers dry care in piglet pen
Sanifood and ecofood single feeders
Pig bowl drinker
Creep feeder

Newquip products stocked by Red Dane include but are not limited to:

  • Bowl drinkers for weaners, growers and finishers

  • Pig water nipples

  • Box feeders for weaners. Single or double-sided, 1.2m feeds up to 48 weaners. 

  • Cawi wet feeders. Feed up to 12 finishers

  • Sanifood and Ecofood wet/dry feeders. Feed up to 12 finishers/growers per feeder.

  • Pig creep feeder

  • MS Schippers Dry Care

  • Foam AI catheters with cap for gilts and sows

  • Zone heater for pigs and poultry

  • Infrared lamps and lamp protectors

  • MS Schippers demineralised water

  • MS Schippers Topfoam alkaline detergent

  • MS Schippers gas-operated tail docker (gas canister not included)

  • Blitz Kerner captive bolt gun and cartridges

  • Single and double coil thermostats

  • Vosterman's dairy ventilation basket fans - ideal for keeping cows cool in free stall barns, milking parlour etc.

If you are interested in a product sold by Newquip that is not listed here, please contact us and we will do our best to supply it to you!

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